XWiki Cookie policy

Last update: May 30, 2018

XWiki is an advocate for privacy and transparency. This is the reason why we wish to be as transparent as possible in sharing with you information about the type of personal data we are collecting through commonly-used technologies, on our website xwiki.com. Together with our third party partners, such as the one's enabling us to benefit from analytics tools, we are using cookies. This technology offers:

  • the advantages of improving our products, website ("services") and your experience;
  • the possibility for you to access and use the the website in a more personalized way;
  • a better understanding of the way our services are used and your interests as a customer;
  • the opportunity for us to present you with advertising in accordance with your interests.
  • the possibility for you to access and use our services without re-entering your credentials (your user name and password)

This Cookie policy is a guide to the use of cookies on the xwiki.com site. Our goal is to explain you mainly how we use them and what are your cookie options. If you wish to find out more information about our privacy values and practices, please visit our XWiki Privacy Policy.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a data file that is transfered to your device (your computer, mobile phone or whatever you use to access our services), that is used for authentication and tracking. Cookies expire after a certain period of time, depending of the type of cookie and the configurations of your browser.

By duration, there are more types of cookies, as follows:

  • a session cookie expires when you close your web browser or mobile application;
  • a persistent cookie remains on your device, after you close your browser or mobile application. It expires based on the duration set by us or when you delete it manually.
You can remove or disable cookies from your browser settings. More information on how to do this is found on Section 6.

2. How does XWiki use cookies?

  • Only if it's strictly necessary. These cookies contribute to enabling the services we provide you, with features more convenient to use. For example, cookies contribute to maintaining your session when you login or remembering your user name in the login field.
  • For personalizing your experience. These cookies provide you with an experience according to your selections and tailor our services accordingly. They help us know your language preferences, remember your user preferences and deliver more relevant content your you.
  • For understanding our users. The cookies collect data about the way you interact with our services and contribute to improving how they operate. Google Analytics, for example, uses cookies that help us understand how visitors arrive on our site, the way they browse throughout our services and identify the main areas for improving your user experience and marketing campaigns.
  • Advertising cookies. These cookies collect data about your browser habits with the aim to personalize the advertising according to your interests.
  • Social media cookies. These cookies are used when you choose to share information on social media using the "Share" or "Like" button on xwiki.com. The social media network will receive information about this activity and this can enable advertising activities from the this party.

3. What types of cookies does XWiki website use?

The cookies that XWiki uses are generically of the following types:

  • Functionality: these cookies contribute to the generic usage of the site, maintaining essential features such as logging in.
  • Preferences: these cookies contribute to storing your preferences, for offering you a personalized experience, for example remembering them next time you visit XWiki's website.
  • Analysis. these cookies analyze the way you use the site, for a better understanding of how the site is working and helping XWiki continuously improving our services for you and other users.
  • Third-Party cookies: these cookies are related to the services provided by some of the third parties XWiki collaborates with. For example, the "Like" and "Share" buttons, which enables you to share information on social media.

4. How do third parties use cookies on XWiki website?

Third party cookies are enabled when you choose to use external services, for example the "Like" and "Share" buttons.
XWiki does not use third party cookies unless you grant your permission.

5. How does XWiki handle "Do not track requests"?

This website does not support "Do not track" requests. In order to find more information regarding the third parties policies in this matter, please read their privacy policies.

6. What options do you have regarding cookies on XWiki website?

Even though these technologies are helpful and contribute to improving your experience on our website, you can opt-out from the use of cookies. This means that you can instruct your browser, by changing its settings, to block accepting cookies or to notify you before accepting one from the website (or any other website you choose to visit).

Some browsers use different ways to control cookies. In order to facilitate your options, we make available for you links for how to change the settings from the following browsers:

If you wish to further read about how to control cookies from your browser settings, please visit the following site: www.aboutcookies.org.

7. Where can I find more information and how can I contact XWiki?

You can find more information on your rights and the way XWiki guarantees your privacy by reading our XWiki Privacy Policy.

If you wish to contact us or our Data Protection Officer, Cristina Rosu, please write us using one of the following email addresses:

8. Updates to XWiki's Cookie policy

From time to time, we may decide to review and improve the terms of service related to the XWiki's Cookie policy. If we make any changes, we will update its date from the top, so that you are informed about them.