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Software is eating the World

There is no doubt that software is becoming a big part of our lives. But that influence comes with the responsibility of the data it operates with. It is time we (companies, government, citizens) become the owners of our information, and Libre Open Source software providers offer great alternative to massive companies controlling most tools.

Why Libre Open Source software
is important

Own the data

Choosing where to deploy, what services to use and what features do the job is up to you. You don't have to deal with license fees, a lack of portability or the inability to fully control your data.

Moreover, there is no vendor lock-in, meaning that you can move your data to any similar solution or hosting type, in no time.

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Modify the software

Since the code can be tweaked and modified without restrictions, there is a broader range of possibilities in terms of tailoring solutions, which would be limited in the case of proprietary software.

You can create the software you need quicker and with less resources than building it from scratch.

Distribute the software XWiki

Distribute the software

The licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it.

XWiki is distributed under the LGPL license. It is designed to make sure that you have the possibility to download, edit code or contribute to it, and distribute copies of it as new free programs.

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XWiki is committed to building Libre Open Source software, as an independent company.

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Open Source software brings significant advantages to your business

Structured Wiki

Efficient development model

Based on the Wiki concept, a massive worldwide success through Wikipedia, XWiki further innovates with the Structured Wiki concept and brings the highest information organisation features to your company.

Structured Wiki

Flexible software

Using a true collaborative tool will help you build a real collaborative culture inside your organisation.

Structured Wiki

Affordable software

Collaboration does not stop at software, as it further requires the right approach and process. XWiki SAS will bring you it's 15 years experience building collaborative projects.

Libre software is not free

XWiki is not only our software, it's also the community's and it's also your software. We have built XWiki with our community and we want to share it widely. You are welcome to participate and also sponsor the XWiki development. You can do this directly by participating or also by purchasing our services.
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We are aiming to deliver all our code as Open Source
and to build open communities around it

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