European Independent Libre Software Company building Knowledge and Collaboration software

XWiki is the Libre Software provider building Knowledge Sharing and Privacy Centric Collaboration software

Software for Good

XWiki SAS has been created in 2004 by Ludovic Dubost, and it has 60+ employees in France and Romania. It's an independent company - all its shareholders being employees, ex-employees, or open-source contributors with a proven track record of supporting open source. Moreover, its open-source software has thousands of organizations using it, all over the world.

Impactful Software

While companies are looking for the latest high-margin return on investment, we wish to build software that has social impact.

XWiki helps build collaborative culture and knowledge sharing in organizations by focusing on performance and usability.

CryptPad is the first real-time Zero-Knowledge Collaborative editor, pioneering Privacy by Design software for the Cloud.

Impactful Software XWiki

Libre Software

Using the Open Source development and distribution model, our software is used all around the world regardless of your financial capability.

We offer special discounts for NGOs and Open Source projects.

We reinvest the money we get from clients into developing the Open Source product.

Libre Software XWiki

Open Organization

XWiki SAS is exemplary in implementing a Collaborative and Open Culture, as we develop our Open Source software using the open community process.

We are promoting participation in all areas of our organization.

Our team shares the goal of building impactful Libre software while enjoying their work environment.

Open Organization XWiki


Our employees, users and customers are our partners to build our software. We don't report to external investors driven only by financial goals.

Structured Wiki


We are driven by our passion for building software that serves our users and customers. Our goal is to solve knowledge challenges that everyone can benefit from.

Structured Wiki


We are committed to build sustainable software and long-term customer projects. We use agile methods and tools, including XWiki, to maintain documentation on our projects.

Structured Wiki


We are innovating by providing novel concepts and tackling hard tasks. We are constantly involved in French and European collaborative research projects that have lead to many new features and innovations in both XWiki and CryptPad.

Our research team participates in collaborative projects to advance the industry.