XWiki Features

XWiki is an advanced collaboration platform based on the Wiki principles. Its top-notch features will help you organize information and foster a collaboration culture.

Key differentiating features

Our software was built to make knowledge organization efficient & collaboration a joy.

Advanced Collaborative Editing

XWiki provides key features that allow easy and safe collaborative editing:

  • Advanced WYSIWYG editor, including link and macro editors;
  • Attaching and previewing images and office attachments;
  • User mentions, likes and notifications;
  • Commenting and annotations;
  • Full history of changes;
  • In-place editing.

Structured knowledge

XWiki allows adding structure to wiki pages, enhancing information organization:

  • Create your own structures, with drag-and-drop, using AppWithinMinutes;
  • Edit structured documents using easy to use forms;
  • Navigate structured data through "livetables" (filterable tables);
  • Use pre-existing structures for recurring data sets (Blog, Ideas, Tasks, etc..).

Enterprise Integration

XWiki provides enterprise features allowing easy integration in any enterprise:

  • User and groups management;
  • Advanced permission system;
  • Active directory & LDAP connection;
  • Single-Sign on support;
  • Office documents import or preview;
  • PDF documents viewing and exporting;
  • Multi-wiki support;
  • Data imports.

Flexibility and Extensibility

One of XWiki's key feature is its flexibility and extensibility. Moreover, XWiki allows full customization of its user interface (UI).

  • Theme and logo editing;
  • Menu & Panels configuration;
  • Over 700 ready-to-use extensions;
  • 60 recommended and pro extensions, 600 community extensions;
  • Hundreds of APIs available in XWiki's scripting language.

Beyond features - the full set of services!

From cloud hosting and support services to configuration, trainings and custom solutions tailored to your needs, XWiki SAS is dedicated to help you increase collaboration and knowledge sharing in your organization.

XWiki Standard Services

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