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One platform, endless possibilities

XWiki is a powerful Open Source platform that provides many features and possibilities, whilst being available to anyone. For business-oriented projects, our team offers support, services, and solutions (ready-made or custom).

Standard Solutions

We offer free and paid solutions that have been specifically developed to streamline your collaboration and fast-track the achievement of your goals. With our offerings, you can start building your Enterprise Wiki, your Workspaces and your Procedure Management today.

Standard Services

Based on the XWiki product, XWiki SAS is able to respond to your specific needs through its tailored development solutions using the services listed below.

Custom Solutions

We have a dedicated team of developers, designers and project managers ready to create the best solution for your business. Learn about our Project Methodology and about our solutions for information management & collaboration, customer experience enhancement, and custom collaborative applications.

Custom Services

Our team goes the extra mile to tailor XWiki for your processes and specific needs, from Proof Of Concept to long term support.

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