We help you modify and extend the functionalities of the XWiki platform, by meeting the specific needs of your business. These services are available for XWiki Support clients.
XWiki Support Services
In addition to our support and cloud offerings, we help you modify and extend the XWiki products so they can suit your needs. We propose three options:
Web Application Development XWiki

Web application development

XWiki is a performant platform to develop web applications. Our team perfectly masters it. Building on this expertise, we adapt XWiki to meet your business needs that are not covered by default. Examples:

  • creation of a form to request account openings or assistance
  • personalization of the search engine
  • integration of your dashboards
  • creation of document template answering a specific requirement
  • integration of XWiki in a web portal
Facilitate XWiki

Info XWiki Open Source Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.

Web Application Development XWiki


Our project team is available to create the solution that will fit your project requirements.

  • specification requirements of your project with a project manager
  • creation of a development plan with our developers
  • project setup in your environment or on your servers

Consult our section dedicated to our references to know more about the projects we implement for our clients.

Project XWiki
Web Application Development XWiki

Developers support

Included in our Platinum support contract or purchased additionally to support or gold offerings, for the companies having their own team of developers, we propose a support offer to make sure your developers are developing applications based on XWiki using the best practices:

  • best practices training for developments on top of XWiki
  • consulting on the code architecture for your applications
  • review of the code produced by your teams (code optimization proposals)

Find our more about our support offers.

Developers accompany support XWiki

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