Project methodology

Highly specialized in XWiki, our team is able to respond to your specific needs through tailored development solutions adapted to your project management style.

Your journey with XWiki

When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our team delivers so your organization can grow.
XWiki Consulting Services


  • In order to provide the best consulting services, our project managers are highly trained IT experts, that help you define and anticipate your needs.
  • As XWiki experts, the project managers offer support in polishing your needs, and help you decide upon the features of your new product.
  • Our architects will also closely collaborate with you in order to define all your specific technical needs before the development process starts.
XWiki Project Management Services

Project management

  • During the specifications phase, all your expectations are analysed, in order to make sure that the final product will perfectly fit your need.
  • Once the development starts, the project manager offers regular updates related to the implementation of your future tool.
  • We will also constantly offer you valuable insights and recommendations, tailored to your needs.
XWiki Project Management Services


  • A dedicated platform is put at your disposal in order to respond to any technical issue that you might encounter.
  • To offer the best solution for your use case, our support specialists are always available to provide guidance.
  • An account manager will remain at your disposal for any further needs or questions that you might have.

Our methodologies

Our custom projects team is up-to-date on all modern management methodologies. Below are the most frequently used ones.
Agile Methodology Wiki


For developing more complex projects where the specific needs are unknown or not well defined, our specialists use the SCRUM framework. It allows them to start working with a small amount of knowledge about the requirements on which the cycle repeats.

This time of process allows the client to come with improvements on the go as the process is based on doing multiple development sprints. The downside represents the costs as the team has to follow the same stages until the final product is done so the budget or the time frame is not exactly decided.

Agile Steps XWiki
Waterfall Methodology Wiki


The Waterfall model is used when our Customers would like to have a fixed price for a specific project. Starting from understanding the product requirements, the model is a sequential process where the stages are flowing downwards. The next stage represents the designing process where our specialists are creating the architecture of your future solution. Soon after implementing the solution on top of the architecture, the verification process starts to be sure everything works smoothly for you. The last step consists in maintenance where the time spent depends on the complexity of your project.

This model is most suitable for projects where the needs are very well known as the efficiency lays in the fact that it is easy to follow due to its rigidity. Moreover, smaller to medium projects have an advantage in using Waterfall model as the stages don’t overlap and are completed one at a time.

Waterfall Steps XWiki

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