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Adapt your collaboration tool to your business needs.
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We delivered more than 500 custom solutions on top of XWiki.

All of this has been possible thanks to the Open Source, flexible platform that we develop and this incredible team.

Knowledge base

Never worry about loose ends when it comes to knowledge management and sharing in your company. Have the right information, where you need it.

Procedure management

Streamline your business with well-documented procedures. It will lower costs, increase efficiency, not to mention customer and employee satisfaction.

Extranet and Communities

Sharing key information with your clients, vendors, and stakeholders has never been easier. Keep your clients close, and your employees even closer.

Digital Workplace

Any modern company has its core operations structure based online. Enjoy having the power of your organization at a click away.

Custom app

Came to the conclusion your needs are a misfit? Worry not, we love a good challenge. If it can be organized and enhance collaboration, we will do it.

Beyond Products, Services!

More than just providing a great product that can serve multiple use cases, XWiki SAS offers a full range of services allowing you to make the best of its capabilities. From data import and development services to consulting, design, training and many more, XWiki SAS is here to help you grow your business.

XWiki Custom Services

Who is behind this?

Your project is in good hands.

Our dedicated team for clients’ projects is composed of 8 highly experienced project managers, senior developers, and architects. Experts in XWiki software and passionate about digital transformation problematics, they enjoy facing a unique challenge anytime a client wants to develop or implement a tailor-made solution.

Information XWiki

The project managers are trained and happy to help you analyze your needs and develop solutions using XWiki. They are also able to understand your corporate culture while spotting issues which are reducing the efficiency from a digital knowledge management point of view. Years of experience and countless training sessions are translated into a highly capable team of project managers with a passion for custom projects and the ability to offer:

Team XWiki
Identification and definition of requirements Wiki

Identification and definition of requirements

We establish specifications with you.

Software development Wiki

Software development

We create an easy to use solution, tailored to your business needs by leveraging our innovative platform.

Monitoring & Support Wiki

Monitoring & Support

We are at your service throughout the project, responding to key questions and helping you get the most out of your solution.

Meet the team

Want to discuss a project or pick our brains for information management and collaboration?