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Did it ever happen to you to send a client the same piece of information 3 or 4 times, only to be asked to send it again? Or maybe you have a new service that you forgot to share with your current clients? We've been there, as a growing business, trying to scale and improve our relationships with customers.
XWiki Extranet and Communities

Built on top of an information organization platform, our Extranet and Communities solution is a performant solution that enables you to collaborate and communicate with clients, vendors, and other third parties.

Rather than sharing endless threads of emails, your company can offer a platform for customers and suppliers where you can easily collaborate. This is not only making your daily work with external partners more effective but also serves as a valuable relationship building element to transform deals in long-term partnerships.

Losing money?

Studies show that on average, business inefficiency can cost up to 20% to 30% of a business’ revenue. With our tested solution, you can take that off your mind and cut down costs, whilst scaling your business. Build customer loyalty and improve customer experience by providing efficient channels for communication. Increase productivity and reduced margin of error by centralizing key information where it should be: within your client's reach.

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Losing clients?

If your clients are happy, make sure you keep them that way. If clients are leaving your company, it's time to get to the bottom of the problem. There is a 25% chance that they're leaving because of how they are treated. If you think about it, it makes sense to look for alternatives when your problem is not being fixed timely or the support team is dismissive. Even when it's done with the best intentions, short answers or bureaucratic forms will show a lack of quality of service and transparency.

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The CNFPT (National Centre for the Management of Territorial Service) needed a public website to exchange and share information and learning resources. Two main pain points of the local administration were tackled on the website: collaboration, between & within, the local administrations and transparency of the activity of territorial services. In delivering their custom Extranet solution, we have analyzed their specific needs: an intuitive interface, quick access to information, content moderation, user management rights, and custom features.


This has been an ambitious design project, creating elaborated dynamic homepages and many models of structured data of a consistent layout. Even more, we customized the RSS feeds widget to display information coming from external sources.

Publication Workflow

Our team has created a moderation system before the publication of the document: some privileged members have the opportunity to propose ideas / key issues. When a document is proposed, the moderators/administrators can accept/reject/delete the document. An alert is sent to the creator. In addition, any member may propose additional content to the concepts /key issues already created and published.


In order to ensure transparency, we have implemented a system of automatic annotation of documents; the website offers an ever-growing index of keywords, that need be shown when detected in the concepts/key issues. Every night, the annotations are updated and provide access to the definitions.

Based on the information repository and extensibility capabilities of the XWiki platform, our team was able to customize a service that helps to build the trust between citizens and the territorial service, but most importantly, build trust and efficiency across the institution.

How does XWiki solve the problem?

Information organizing and collaboration are our DNA, and XWiki grew to become the reference for it in the Open Source world. Our goal was (and still is) to make available to anyone the best solution for information management.

For the last 15 years, our team has worked relentlessly to build innovative features and to help people, and their organizations, have crucial information at only a click away. The same kind of effort will be put into creating your project.

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We believe that by working together we can all achieve more. Whether it's a personal project, a Forbes 500 company' digital workplace or your Procedures Management, we are ready to identify and create the tailored solution needed. With over 15 years of experience and more than 500 international projects delivered, we offer more than services.

Our team has seen similar needs, can advise on ways to enhance efficiency and even eliminate organizational bottlenecks. We have a great platform to develop on, great project managers to ensure timely delivery and a support team dedicated to making sure everything works seamlessly. When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

Team XWiki

When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

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