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Information is power, and that power relies on quick and easy access to quality information. Today’s connected users don’t want to wait for a letter, a mail or even a phone call to get in the possession of their desired information, they want it now and they want it at a click away. That’s why you need a strong, structured knowledge base.
XWiki Knowledge Base

Built on top of an information organization platform, our Knowledge Base solution will allow access to critical business information in a fast and efficient way. This works both for your team and your clients, saving time and enhancing satisfaction.

You don't need to worry about email overload or loss of critical information when someone leaves the company. XWiki helps you increase productivity and reduce operational costs, while regular backups prevent information loss.

Scale Customer Support Via A Self-Service Knowledge Base.

A knowledge base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. The initial use of the term was in connection with expert systems which were the first knowledge-based systems. In today's terms, it’s a self-serve online library that contains everything one might want to know about your product or business. Unlike a real library, a knowledge base is at a click away, every day.

Facilitate XWiki

Deliver Instant Knowledge to your team via an internal knowledge base.

Depending on your business’s specific, your knowledge base will take various structures, for it will include information from every employee, department, stakeholder or interested person. It can include everything from thorough details of what your business does, study cases on how to use your features, internal procedures, troubleshooting tips or frequently asked questions. And here’s the catch, it's stored online, easily accessible via search or a link, therefore: goodbye long threads of emails.

Facilitate XWiki

Manage Permissions and information access that suits your organizational needs.

You can set the permissions of every page, so people will get exactly the appropriate level of access. Our solutions really work for modern companies and those keeping up with market changes. Using XWiki Knowledge Bases you get a solution that allows your team to access critical business information in a fast and efficient way.

Facilitate XWiki
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With offices in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Canada, EasyVista has more than 800 clients that activate in banking, insurance, industry, the service sector, governments, outsourcing and consulting. Their services are covering the entire life cycle of IT assets for their clients. In 2014, the EasyVista team was looking for a tool that could be implemented internally in order to avoid numerous email exchanges. Due to the high number of projects, many documents were sent by email and it was difficult to find the required information and to know whether it had been updated. This brought the need to centralize information using XWiki.

Multiwiki solution

Our solution was to provide a Knowledge Base solution comprised of 3 wikis: 2 internal and 1 public. Everything is centralized and accessible from

The volume of documentation has been reduced. Silos have now disappeared thanks to the links between wiki pages.

Custom validation process for a multilingual solution

The creation of a publication application that allows users to publish content in two different languages using the same document name;

  • This way, even if an item does not exist in the other language, there is always a method to get the information
  • The publication happens in two stages via a status that allows the administrator to master the publication of several documents simultaneously;

No more hassle with the infrastructure

By opting for the hosting service provided by XWiki SAS, the marketing team is able to focus on the content of the documentation instead of managing the infrastructure.

How does XWiki solve the problem?

Information organizing and collaboration are our DNA, and XWiki grew to become the reference for it in the Open Source world. Our goal was (and still is) to make available to anyone the best solution for information management.

For the last 15 years, our team has worked relentlessly to build innovative features and to help people, and their organizations, have crucial information at only a click away. The same kind of effort will be put into creating your project.

Information XWiki

We believe that by working together we can all achieve more. Whether it's a personal project, a Forbes 500 company' digital workplace or your Procedures Management, we are ready to identify and create the tailored solution needed. With over 15 years of experience and more than 500 international projects delivered, we offer more than services.

Our team has seen similar needs, can advise on ways to enhance efficiency and even eliminate organizational bottlenecks. We have a great platform to develop on, great project managers to ensure timely delivery and a support team dedicated to making sure everything works seamlessly. When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

Team XWiki

When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

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