Procedures Management

Simple to create, simple to manage, simple to follow.

Inefficiency in properly updating and communicating procedures is the no. 1 reason why businesses across the world are losing up to 25% of their potential profit.
Studies show that a well-implemented procedures system will not only save you money but also increase customer confidence and boost employee morale.
XWiki Procedures Management

Built on top of an information organization platform, our Procedures Management solution will bring your company productivity growth and more importantly an improvement in the quality of the provided guidelines to users.

And here’s the catch, it's stored online, easily accessible via search or a link, therefore: goodbye long threads of emails. This will allow you to focus on growing the business, knowing that the processes are accessible to everyone and that the risk of mistakes is significantly reduced.

Obsolete knowledge?

The same way a dentist doesn't try a new treatment approach with every patient or a mechanic doesn't check random parts of the engine to replace the oil, your employees shouldn't reinvent the approach to repetitive tasks.

While some procedures are global and need to be known by all, many of these procedures are actually only known to the employees that have first implemented them and will be lost when these employees leave or change jobs.

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Losing money?

On average, business inefficiency can cost up to 20% to 30% of a business’ revenue. In order to grow a business, companies must create repeatable processes that ensure consistent quality and smooth delivery of products and services to customers.

Our Procedures Management solution is a practical tool that enables team members to use procedures in their daily workflow. This lowers costs, increases efficiency, plus customer and employee satisfaction.

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Legal obligation?

Why take risks with your business? Standardizing processes and integrating them into day-to-day workflow will create a safer workplace and help you avoid fines and penalties by staying in compliance with required standards and regulations.

Additionally, with XWiki Procedures Management it will be easy to provide evidence of compliance by producing records of how team members follow policies and procedures.

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SCOR, the 5th largest reinsurer in the world, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. With a team spread in 160 countries and more than 38 offices worldwide, SCOR's need for a procedures management solution was obvious. In delivering their custom Procedures Management solution, we started by mapping all the needs and current processes within their company. In collaboration with their procedures compliance department, our team designed and implemented a dynamic Procedures Management tool for SCOR's international sales team.
Based on the information repository and extensibility capabilities of the XWiki platform, our team was able to customize a service that allows ensuring the quality and validity of the procedures available to their employees.

Publication Workflow Module

Each procedure, from idea to the final version, goes through the customized "Publication Workflow Module" we developed. This means that the validation cycle is shortened and the team responsible for the procedures management is highly productive and up-to-date.

Contextualized Search

As SCOR operates in 160 countries and has to follow numerous legal regulations, our team put in place a contextualized search. Therefore, when searching for a specific procedure, each business unit sees the procedure tailored to their location first.

Collaboration and Export

With XWiki, editing can be done in parallel, saving time and minimizing the room for mistakes. Moreover, we have customized the export function to aggregate multiple documents when generating a PDF, hence one report can include any number of business units statistics.

How does XWiki solve the problem?

Information organizing and collaboration are our DNA, and XWiki grew to become the reference for it in the Open Source world. Our goal was (and still is) to make available to anyone the best solution for information management.

For the last 15 years, our team has worked relentlessly to build innovative features and to help people, and their organizations, have crucial information at only a click away. The same kind of effort will be put into creating your project.

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We believe that by working together we can all achieve more. Whether it's a personal project, a Forbes 500 company' digital workplace or your Procedures Management, we are ready to identify and create the tailored solution needed. With over 15 years of experience and more than 500 international projects delivered, we offer more than services.

Our team has seen similar needs, can advise on ways to enhance efficiency and even eliminate organizational bottlenecks. We have a great platform to develop on, great project managers to ensure timely delivery and a support team dedicated to making sure everything works seamlessly. When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

Team XWiki

When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

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