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All the features available in XWiki Standard

XWiki Pro is built on top of XWiki Standard, so it features:

  • Advanced in-place and WYSIWYG editors, attachments, comments and annotations
  • Panels, data structures, tags and many more content organization features
  • Authentication & strong permissions
  • High flexibility and extensibility
XWiki Pro

XWiki SAS Support

You will not be alone with XWiki. At any time you can contact XWiki Support:

  • Our support experts have the answers for you
  • They have access to XWiki Core committers
  • We provide different levels of support depending on your needs
  • And XWiki Pro can also run on XWiki Cloud
XWiki SAS Support

Additional Connectors and Business Applications

XWiki Pro includes a set of connectors and business applications

XWiki Additional Connectors and Business Applications

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Beyond providing a great product that can enhance collaboration, XWiki SAS provides a full range of services allowing you to make the best of its capabilities. From cloud and support services to configuration and training - and for more advanced project custom solutions tailored to your needs - XWiki SAS is here to help you increase collaboration and knowledge sharing in your organization.

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