Installation & Configuration

With over 14 years in the deployment of XWiki-based solutions, our team is able to install XWiki on your servers in various conditions. As part of this installation, we also handle the setup and the configuration of extensions matching your use case.
Installation & Configuration XWiki services


We provide assistance for on premise installations of XWiki. Our installation methods, verified at new XWiki version by our engineers support almost every operating system and the most common database engines.


When installing a new collaborative platform, matching the aspect and the functionalities of this platform with your exact needs is critical for the success of such deployment. As every team is unique, XWiki has been made so that it can be tailored to your use cases in few operations.We provide a team of consultants having a significant knowledge of XWiki to help your configure your new XWiki installation.

Installation & Configuration XWiki
On premise setup
  • We setup and configure XWiki on your servers
  • 2000 €*
  • We connect XWiki to your company's users directory
  • 1000 €*
Single Sign On
  • Connect XWiki with your Single Sign On method
  • 3000 €*
In the Cloud setup
  • We setup and configure XWiki on our servers
  • included in the Cloud offer

* The XWiki services are available for XWiki Support clients. Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.

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