For a simple answer on how to configure XWiki to the resolution of critical instance failures, our support is here to assist you with any question regarding the use of your wiki. We provide you with a top of the line and experienced support team, directly in contact with the developers of XWiki.
XWiki Support Services

Tailored to your needs

Whether you use XWiki as a side website for your internal documentation or as a high demand intranet and collaboration platform, our support offers are here to provide you with the best assistance to match your use case.

Our support is here to provide you the technical help required to get to your objectives with your wiki in a timely manner. We provide support packages that cover the core of XWiki, a subset of its extensions or all the 700+ extensions of the community. You can select the contract that best fits your needs in terms of support availability and completeness.

Support XWiki
Support XWiki

Developer Support

Our development support service includes:

  • Answer to technical questions: we answer your questions related to XWiki development;
  • API help: we help you find the relevant API calls to achieve your goals;
  • Architecture best practices: we help you design your application in a modular fashion;
  • Performance tuning: we provide you with the best practices to optimize the performance of your application.

You should purchase Development Support if:

  • You want to create your application with the help of the XWiki experts;
  • You want to develop faster and more efficiently on top of the XWiki software;
  • You want to make sure your applications follows XWiki development standards;
  • You want to optimize the performance and quality of your XWiki application.

Support packages

  • Access to our customer portal
  • Support for critical issues
  • Support through our ticketing system
  • Backup and LDAP configuration assistance
  • Access to our customer portal
  • Support core issue
  • Support through our ticketing system
  • Backup and LDAP configuration assistance
  • Business applications/XWiki Pro
  • Support for community recommended extensions
  • Support through a live chat (WebEx)
  • Support for community extensions
  • Support through phone calls
  • Support for custom developments
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support for clusters and recovery plans

Interested in our support services?

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